Zip-Lock Pouch


Frozen Seafood (Shrimp, Shellfish,¡¦), Smoked Meat (Beef Jerk¡¦), Dried/Frozen Vegetables or Fruits, Confectionary Products (Candy, Gum, Chocolate¡¦) and Dry Pet Foods


(Shelf-Life & Suitable Material Composition)

-   AL Foil Materials: Around 2 Years

-   Non-AL Foil Materials: Less than 1 Year

: Kindly note that shelf-life & suitable material composition are depending on product¡¯s weight or processing condition.


(Available Shape & Size)

- Pouch Shape: 3 Side Sealed, Stand-up

- Pouch Size: (Width) 70mm ~ 490mm, (Length) 70mm ~ 570mm, (Bottom Gusset): 20mm ~ 75mm



After open the pouch, the zipper pouch provides the convenience to keep the product.

We can supply Retortable Zipper Pouch also.