Retort Pouch (Flat & Standing Type)

The demand of the instant foodstuffs, which can make warm easily in the boiling water or microwave oven, is increased a lot due to the busy modern life and according to this result, the rice, soup, curry, porridge in the RETORTABLE POUCH is becoming universal product.



** Seafood (Tuna, Salmon, Mackerel, Shrimp, Crab Meat, Shellfish, etc・)

** Meat (Steaks, Stew, Ham, etc・)

** Vegetables (Mushroom, Olives, Corn, Baby corn, Bamboo Shoot, etc・)

** Fruits (Pineapple, Coconut, Papaya, etc・)

** Liquid Type Products (Sauce, Curry, Soup, Gruel, etc・)

** Others (Rice, Pet Foods, Institutional Product, Military Ration, Government Agencies, etc・)



** Save Production, Storage & Transportation Cost

** Less Deterioration of Flavor, Taste, Color & Nutrition

** Safety (All materials conform to FDA regulations)

** Easy Handle, Cook, Open

** Less Waste and Echo Friendly Materials

** Effectiveness of Advertisement by Attractive Fancy Shape & Brilliant Colors


(Shelf-Life & Suitable Material Composition)

-   AL Foil Materials: Around 2 Years

-   Non-AL Foil Materials: Less than 1 Year

: Usually, the product in retortable pouch can keep around 12~24 months in room temperature and please note that shelf-life & suitable material composition are depending on product¨s weight or processing condition.


(Available Size)

- Width: 70mm ~ 490mm

  - Length: 70mm ~ 570mm

 - Bottom Gusset: 20mm ~ 75mm (in case of Standing Pouch)



- Printing: Rotogravure Printing – Maximum 10 Colors

- Hanging Hole at Top Sealed Area for Display (Flat Type Pouch)

- The stand-up pouch has a bottom gusset part for standing itself.